Religious leaders have no monopoly of prophecy, as many wrongly think. Far from that, prophecy is a natural gift which run in both religious and none religious families. The difference is that the religious make a profession and business of the gift of prophecy.Those who know me closely for instance, can always validate my past predictions on our national issues, especially about elections in Nigeria. Some of such past predictions can also be found on my Facebook page.

Celeberated men and women of God had in the past recommended a Messiah as the next Nigeria president. The last one, is the outgoing president Muhammadu Buhari. The church in Nigeria, in particular, did not only approve of his Mesiahship but also gave him a serving pastor as a vice president. They are at it again. Many calls are being heard from different pulpits of who the next Messiah should be amongst contenders in the 2023 presidential election race. Nigeria and Nigerians should be very careful with such pulpit calls this time around. I say so because, the outcome of the 2023 presidential election will baffle everyone and moreso, those behind the pulpits as it is hidden from almost all of them.

Nevertheless, part of the hand writing on the wall concerning the 2023 presidential election was shown to me. There the figure ’53’ was shown to me twice. The first figure “53” was said to represent Nigeria’s existence from the almagation of the Northern and Southern Nigeria protectorates in 1914 to 1967 (a total of 53 years). At the end of this phase of 53 years, as we know, our country Nigeria was thrown into a bloody civil war (the Nigeria-Biafra war). The incidents that led to the unfortunate civil war, started as election crisis that led to the first military coup in the country in 1966, which eventually snowballed into a civil war with the Ibos of the then eastern region extraction at the receiving end.

The second figure “53” represents another phase in the history of Nigeria covering the end of the civil war in 1970 to this election year, 2023 (another 53 years). Incidentally, as revealed to me, the 2023 election is highly charged with the same delicate and negative energy of unsual political unrest similar to that of 1966 which led to a monumental loss of lives and properties in the history of our country.

I saw some forces, very powerful forces, beating the drums of war for Nigeria. These succeeded in negatively influencing the minds of a group of Nigerian electorates who at all costs rejected and resisted the result of the 2023 presidential ballot result as their preferred presidential candidate was not declared winner. This was the trigger of the crisis.

I saw Nigeria this time not fighting a civil war but about being thrown into a form of gorilla warfare more damaging than a full blown civil war. Moreover, I saw the crisis about escalating to Nigeria’s neighboring countries, except for some divine intervention.

I witnessed some spiritual calculations going on during the revelations which are difficult to put in words. But they were aimed at proffering solution to the awaiting crisis. Those calculations were worked out on papers which I was not privileged to look into. All I heard afterwards is that, “there would be many divine interventions!” I believe such divine interventions would happen especially before the election or before the announcement of the presidential ballot results.

This notwithstanding, the Nigerian government at all levels, the media and well meaning Nigerians of means, are enjoined to involve in massive sensitization of Nigerian youths for a peaceful election. Nigeria government at different levels and good minded Nigerians in positions should please use the media, the churches, mosques, the schools, market places, motor parks and other available social centers to sensitize and prepare Nigerians generally for a peaceful election.

Let me add here, not as part of the revelation but from my personal experience as a Nigerian. As a little Biafran boy who was taught some tricks to assist the Biafran army win the war, I am above 60 years of age today and it is about 53 years since the war ended, nevertheless, I am yet to see any benefit of that war! Instead, all I can see is regret here and there. The memories of the bodies of army officers being carried away from front lines before my eyes remain fresh with me till now. Is that what we want to wish ourselves a second time? God forbid!

Written by:
Comrade Sylva Nwaiwu
(of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners Contributory Pension Sector- NUPCPS)
phone: 08036017205
Email: sylvanwaiwu@gmail.com

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