2023: For Your Vote, Ask Politicians To Explain How They Intend To Create Decent Jobs, Nwoke Task Youths

By Rita Esegine

 Unemployment among the youths in Nigeria, Abia State and my Federal constituency Obingwa/Osisioma/Ugwunagbo is prevalence and its ripple effects is the increasing criminal activities and insecurity in our country. This was the submission of Hon. Ibe Nwoke, the Young Progressive Party (YPP) candidate for Federal House of Representatives and a former Chairman of Obingwa Local Government. 

He went on to say that provision of employment, healthcare services, social amenities and developmental projects and programmes, is the core agenda of the his political party and candidacy. He insisted that Nigerians especially the youths should demand that politicians tell them how they intend to provide decent and sustainable  jobs. 

Speaking to journalists in Abuja last weekend, Hon. Nwoke said “the yearning of our people is to enjoy the dividends of democracy. He however regretted that the reverse has been the case in the recent past, hence the need for the electorate to change the narrative by making a better decision by voting people with credibility and capacity to deliver dividends of good governance. 

“Politicians are known to always make promises to Nigerians during election period. In Abia State, the crop of politicians we have are the worst. That is why the Young Progressive Party is out to change the narrative. 

“The yearning of our people is to enjoy the dividends of democracy as expected but the reverse has been the case in recent past. Therefore, the need to effectively ensure that our people feel and enjoy the gains of democratic governance.

“This is why it become imperative for me and other candidates of the party to step in, to answer the clarion call and to fill the void for the common good of the good people of Obingwa/Osisioma/Ugwunagbo Federal Constituency.

“I have a passion to bring quality representation to my people to fill the gap of unemployment especially among our youths, bring quality health care services, social amenities and other developmental projects that will benefit my people. I have done it before, and I will continue to do it. 

“The clamour for young people to take over leadership across the globe begins now and we can get it right this time by leveraging on the opportunities that abound with the 2023 general elections and support our own to protect the generation after us.”

“Our  strategy is anchored on performance beyond legislation. We seek among other things to engage with my people at all levels to understand their needs. Ensure that federal government presence is felt at the three local governments in my constituency through infrastructure development and provision of social amenities

“An accessible office for all as always. As youths, we will ensure that young people within my constituency are carried along in any way that I can. This STRAYEGY is to help them improve their living conditions through education, empowerment, and skills development. 

“We will also create and open link with them for proper grooming and personal development for easy transfer of leadership through effective communication and healthy relationships with them. We will also create a programme that benefits the elderly after taking up their NEEDS assessment. 

“Our mission is to go beyond everyday legislation and close the gap between the people and those at the top while serving as link between the led and the leaders. Our vision is inspire young people, bring quality representation and create local opportunities for impact and even development.”

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