COEASU Cautions Committee of Vice-Chancellors Over Comment On Chief Of Lecturers’ Monthly Salary

The umbrella body of Nigerian workers in colleges of education has rebuked the Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, for saying that professors in Nigerian Universities earn less than Chief Lecturers in Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. 

In a press statement signed by its President, Dr. Smart Olugbeko, the union, Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union (C O E A S U), said; “We note with serious reservations the recent claim by the Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (CVCNU) that professors in Nigerian Universities earn less than Chief Lecturers in Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. 

“COEASU seldom engages itself in debates over the conduct of affairs of sister unions let alone the university system, which is the ivory tower responsible for the education of the top-level manpower of the nation. However, giving the innuendoes and implicit aspersions supposedly cast on Chief Lecturers, the most experienced and seasoned academics and those at the apex of our noble profession, it would not be preposterous to state that a measured response to the statement, in the form of a clarification as well as caution, is not just a matter of necessity but an imperative.

“As a well-focused Union with enormous respect and empathy for Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), we would not have joined issues with the Vice-chancellors on this seemingly divisive comment except that it is not only misleading but also potentially counterproductive at this time when our Union is renegotiating the welfare of our members with the Government. 

“The action of the Vice-chancellors contravenes the principle of mutual respect and solidarity between our Union and ASUU and the robust support we have shown towards the painful plight of ASUU members which we equally feel as Colleges of Education lecturers suffering the same poor conditions of service and remuneration.”

The union further said; “Apparently, the comment has openly revealed the long-harboured prejudice and disdain some university lecturers seem to have for their colleagues teaching and doing research at the  Colleges of Education all over Nigeria. This is a tendency of casting aspersions on the capacity of Colleges of Education as citadels of learning. Ironically, some of these university lecturers are quick to apply for the position of Provost or sabbatical year in the Colleges. 

“We enjoin the Vice-chancellors to note that Chief Lecturers in Colleges of Education are equally professional teachers who possess doctorate degree (Phd) which is the highest academic qualification, carry out research, train young minds for national development and engage in impactful community service.”

The statement added; “The Union wishes to inform the Vice-chancellors that the salary structure specifically drawn for the academic staff of polytechnics and Colleges of Education is the CONPCASS. This is not the same with the university CONUASS, in terms of value in accordance with the levels. It also did not, initially, recognize the peculiarities of the College of Education system, in terms of the distinct responsibilities or job-specific functions different from those of others. 

“In other words, the remuneration for peculiar academic allowances for academic staff dissimilar to the general allowances consolidated by National Salaries Income and Wages Commission (NSIWC) was not included. However, the agitation of the Union which culminated into the endorsement of the FGN-COEASU 2010 Agreement paved the way for the inclusion of Peculiar Earned Academic Allowances (PEAA) in monthly salary as a non-consolidated benefit. This is another distinguishing factor between the salary of the academics of universities and Colleges of Education. 

“It is, therefore, quite evident that the Colleges of Education are not being paid the same salaries of universities let alone are Chief Lecturers’ salaries above those of Professors. It is, however, expedient to further clarify that what the government has done over the years has been to calibrate the salary structure of tertiary institutions staff by implementing the rate(s) of increase of emoluments across board for the appropriate staff of all tertiary institutions, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, and universities.

“For the avoidance of doubt, a visit to the office of the Chairman of National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission will afford the Vice-chancellors the opportunity of placing side-by-side the approved salary tables of academics in the University, College of Education and Polytechnic.”

COEASU also said; “While the Union restates its solidarity with ASUU on the impasse with the Federal government, it suffices to state that COEASU’s sympathy with Nigerian students for their resilience and huge sacrifice for posterity is not in doubt. However, we enjoin the Committee of Vice-chancellors to look inwards and be perceptive enough to draw good lessons from our Union’s solidarity and partnership with ASUU rather than instigating unhealthy and unnecessary rivalry.”


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