Nigerian Church Kicks Against Supreme Court Judgement On Hijab


By Linda Musa

President of the FCT Baptist Conference, Rev. Dogara Gwana, has frowned at the verdict of the Supreme Court, which upheld wearing of hijab by female Muslim students in Lagos schools.

Gwana who spoke to newsmen on Thursday in Abuja, noted that while schools with Islamic roots still maintain their tradition, same could not be said for those with Christian roots.

He said :“The recent Supreme Court’s decision on the wearing of hijab in public schools does not go down well with Nigerian Christians especially the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

“All over the country, there are some schools that were established by some Islamic organizations which were taken over by the Federal government when the Christian missions’ schools were taken over. Yet till today, those schools with the Islamic origins are still maintaining their traditions and cultures. But their Christian counterparts are being denied such rights.”

The Cleric added that the call for a return of Christian schools back to its original owners which were taken over by the government during the military era, would help restore sanity back to the system.

“The departure of the missionaries from running those schools remains the foundation of the dwindling fortunes and standards. We therefore call on government to return these schools to the original owners to run them with the original intended mission and purpose.”

Gwana who queried the money politics that played out during the primary elections of some political parties to bring out single presidential and vice presidential candidates for the 2023 elections, expressed worry that rather than effect punitive measures, government was keeping mum over the ugly development which he insists leaves a very bad taste of the Nigerian democracy.

“It is unfortunate that the few people called delegates who have the responsibility of presenting elective options to Nigerians were practically bought by those with deep pockets. It is most unfortunate that those who aspire to govern Nigeria were spending foreign currencies unabated.

“The helpless Nigerian sees his preferred candidate thrown out simply because his pocket is light weighted. We are now left with money bags as the options for elective offices at all the levels. What is most unfortunate is the silence of government in all of thiis.”

The cleric further urged the Christian community to resist any political candidate that fields running mates of same religion.

He said: “Now the presidential candidates are selecting running mates and some are considering picking their kin from the same religious enclaves. They do not have any argument as to the region where the running mate should come from but they make attempts to pick from their religious bedrooms.

“The FCT Baptist Conference joins other well-meaning Nigerians especially the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to state unequivocally that such actions are most unfair and unjust.”


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