Healthcare upgrade and Adamu’s giant strides in FMC, Keffi

By Gambo H. Jagind

A first time visitor to the Federal Medical Centre, FMC, Keffi, will no doubt be greeted with sophistication and beauty, befitting of a world standard medical facility.

FMC surely has become the first class medical hub of Nigeria, a sight not common with government owned health care facilities.

It is heartwarming to note that this is a recent achievement by the FMC under the leadership of
Dr. Yahaya Baba Adamu.

Adamu is the Chief Medical Director of the centre which has been transformed into one of the best health care facilities the country currently boasts of.

Since assuming office on May 7, 2018, Adamu hit the ground running with the sole aim of transforming the FMC Keffi and moulding it to attain globally accepted standards, a feat he attained in less than four years.

Adamu possess all the qualities, professionalism expected from an astute manager in the management of any health institution or centre.

His managerial qualities include resilience, integrity, openness and the ability to communicate effectively with persons from all devides.

The FMC Keffi boss has worked tirelessly in ensuring the procurement of modern equipment for efficient service delivery to the public

In the last four years, the Nasarawa Toto born medical doctor has achieved the following:

  1. Completion of a new Laboratory extension complex (from foundation Level)
  2. Ward Extension (from foundation Level)
  3. Dialysis Unit (from foundation Level) equipped with ultramodern dialysis machine and
    water treatment plan.
  4. VIP Ward (from foundation Level) equipped with ultramodern automatic beds.
  5. Creation and equipping new Burns unit between accident and emergency
  6. Upgrading of Facility in A&E with provision of multi parameter patient monitor, pulse oximeter
  7. Upgrading of a four- bedded ICU facility with pipped Oxygen.
  8. Conversion of old isolation ward to ultramodern 10 bedded ICU equipped with ultramodern
    equipment (e.g. most recent oxygen concentrator, defibrillator, ventilators etc.)
  9. Upgrading of Main Theater and O&G theatre
  10. Upgrading of A and E theater.
  11. Piping of oxygen to SCBU, O & G theater, A and E theater.
  12. Construction of New ICU (Former Isolation Unit now at 90 per cent Completion)
  13. Dental Laboratory Extension.
  14. Construction of offices and Public Toilets.
  15. Construction of Family Dentistry Unit.
  16. Construction of side Labs in GOPD and Cashier Cubicles.
  17. Expansion of O and G Theater.
  18. Construction of Five (5) Industrial Bore-Holes.
  19. Construction of Multi specialist Clinic (Now at 90 per cent completion.
  20. Construction of isolation and treatment centre (through NCDC Intervention)
  21. Expansion of theater pharmacy.
  22. Provision of GOPD pharmacy call room and expansion of pharmacy compounding call
  23. Construction of a new building to accommodate the Budget, Planning and Statistics office.
  24. Creation of Trauma unit in A&E.
  25. Modernisation of the Board Room, equipped with ultramodern public address

Provision of new medical equipment including;

a) C-arm Fluoroscopy Machine.

b) Anesthetics Machine

c) Operating theater Lab.

d) Eco- cardiographic equipment.

e) Dental furniture.

f) Brand new multi parameter patient’ monitor.

g) C-Pap ventilator.

h) Endoscope.

I) Installation of CCTV cameras in the accident and emergency ward.

Provision of; 3 x 275 KVA Generating set.

b) Two 500KVA transformers.

c) Acquisition of 33KVA line to improve power supply in the Hospital

a) Construction of four Industrial Bore- Holes.

b) Construction of 100,000 litres capacity tank reservoir.

c) Renovation of underground water tank and expansion of storage capacity to about
100,000 capacities.

d) Recovery of overhead tanks at the new administrative block building.

The story of FMC and its
breakthroughs in surgeries and other medical feats has remained a great topic of discussion especially in a country where the health care system appears to be nose diving.

Under Adamu’s leadership, the hospital was able to successfully separate co-joined twins and also achieved the surgical placement of
b) Surgical placement of permanent trans venous dual chamber pace maker device, as well performed a complex knee replacement surgery.

NTRODUCTION OF NEW The hospital also introduced clinical services such as;

a) Cardiothoracic Surgery
b) Pediatric Surgery
c) Minimal access surgery and
d) Haemodialysis services.

Management of the hospital is not oblivious of the importance of personnel training and development and so embarked on;

a) Training programme in Radiology (accredited by West African College of Surgeons)
b) Training in Family Dentistry (accredited by National Post Graduate Medical
College of Nigeria (Full accreditation)
c) Training Programme in Orthopaedic medicine.

d) Training programme in Pathology
e) Training programme in Anesthesia (Awaiting Accreditation) and the sponsorship of more than
100 members of staff to undergo several training programmes that will
have impact on service delivery (such as Medical Physics, Bsc Nursing,
Epidemiology, ENT, Psychiatry Nursing, Anaesthesia)

g) Internship training programmes in radiography, physiotherapy and nursing

h) Employment of two consultants in dentistry.

And for the first time, the Centre now has three Licensed Radiation Safety Officers and a
Medical Physicists and a Neuro- Surgeon

It is worthy of note that FMC, under Adamu also seeks to empower and partner with other health care providers in Nasarawa State through the;

  • Initiation of Health services coverage in Wamba, and Doma towns.
  • Collaboration with the Institute of Public Analysts for the purpose of
    advanced science research Laboratory.
  • Collaboration with the T.Y. Danjuma foundation for the conduct of free Cleft and
    facial deformity surgery. The list is endless.

Aluta News sought to know how this unassuming medical guru was able to achieve all these in so little a time.

His doggedness, penchant for service to humanity and perfection, helped him in reaching this enviable height.

It is worthy of note that Adamu is a man that carries people along and so he is not alone in recording thes great successes.

All this would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of the hardworking staff of the center and the top management.

One of the top management staff supporting the CMD is Dr Samson Adegoke, Head Fnance and Accounts.

Adegoke is a technocrat, very verse and prudent in the management of scarce resources in the centre.

It will be recalled that in 2020 when the Honourable Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Enahire, visited the hospital to commission the infectious Disease Center, it was a galore of commendation for the management for what they were able to achieve with the resources available to them.

Also in the year 2021 the Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Clem Agba, also on a working visit to the centre, in a bid to ascertain the utilisation of COVID-19 Intervention Funds by health institutions, also commended the hospital for the judicious utilisation of the fund as disbursed to them by the ministry of budget.

From the foregoing, there is no doubt that the management of Federal Medical Center, Keffi, has demonstrated the capacity to deliver on its mandate and should be encouraged to do more.

Gambo H. Jagindi is a public affairs analyst, Chief Executive Officer of Aluta Media Limited, the publishers of Aluta News, writes from Abuja,
Email, phone : 07065466654

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