Desmond Tutu fought for social justice, human rights – ITUC- Africa

The  African  Regional  Organisation of  the  International  Trade  Union  Confederation  (ITUC-Africa), has described the death of Archbishop  Desmond  Tutu, as the fallen of a gallant soldier who  relentlessly  fought  for  social  justice,  human rights,  freedom,  peace  and  security  for all.

In a statement made available to journalists in Abuja from its headquarters in Lome, Togo, and signed by its General Secretary, Kwasi  Adu-Amankwah, ITUC-African said; “Archbishop Tutu’s  death represents  another  loss  in the  passing  of  the  generation of gallant soldiers  who  relentlessly  fought  for  social  justice,  human rights,  freedom,  peace  and  security  for all.  Tutu  pitched  his  rebukes  against  social injustice  well beyond  the  borders  of  South  Africa,  often assuaging  the  blows  with  humour  and warmth.

“During  the  darkest years  of  Apartheid in South Africa,  Tutu’s  was  the  voice  that courageously called  out  the  evil  regime.  When  most  of  the  ANC  leaders  were  incarcerated,  it  was  left  for  Tutu and others  to  campaign for  their  release  and  the  end to  apartheid.”

The statement further; “It  was  his  “clear views  and fearless  stance”,  which  made  him a  “unifying  symbol  for  all African  freedom fighters”. An icon for racial  justice,  Tutu  was  the  first,  after Apartheid  was  defeated,  to  call for  reconciliation in the  new democratic  dispensation. 

“He  understood the  symbolism,  virtue  and  value  of forgiveness  to  national  regeneration and nation-building.  This  understanding  was  built  on the immutable  fact  that  eternal  enmity  does  not  have  a  place  in  progressive  society  and  that forgiveness  should  be  a  virtue  that  humanity  should consciously  and genuinely  embrace  and sustain.   

“His  life,  philosophies  and  essences  glowingly  radiate  what  selflessness,  courage  and  Ubuntu mean. As African  workers,  we  were  and  will  continue  to  be  inspired  by  these  values,  his  struggles and fine  personality.  We  commit  to  further  the  struggle  for social justice  so  that  the  service  and sacrifices  of  Archbishop  Desmond  Tutu  and  his  other fallen  comrades  and  our forebears  will not be  in vain.   

“We  extend  our  condolences  to  Mam  Leah Tutu,  the  Tutu family,  the  board and  staff  of the Desmond and  Leah Tutu  Legacy  Foundation,  the  government,  workers  and  people  of  South Africa,  the  Elders  and  Nobel  Laureate  Group  and  his  friends,  comrades  and  associates  nationally and  globally.

“We  thank  him  for  bequeathing  us  with the  values  of Ubuntu,  respect  for  human dignity,  racial equality  and  undying  commitment  to  social  justice.  We  shall  forever  cherish these  values.   The  Iroko  tree  has  fallen,  Africa’s  moral voice  is  gone! Rest  in  Power  Tata!”

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