Abambra Election: PDP Cannot Afford To Lose – Aspirant, Dr. Okwenna

By Rita Esegine

As Anambra state prepares for its governorship election scheduled for November 6, an aspirant under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Ifedi Okwenna, said the election is too important for the party to lose.

He also said that the state must change the way it has been doing things and must innovate to enhance development and also to expand its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

Speaking to newsmen shortly after he was screened by the Capt. Idris Wada-led screening committee, Dr. Okwenna noted that allocation from the federation accounts keeps reducing because of the dwindling of oil, adding that there should be improvement in the state IGR.

Insisting that with his agenda, manifesto and him having the party’s ticket, the state is a sure win for PDP, the aspirant said, “for me, it was a very easy screening. I am an administrator, and I prepared my documents… if you noticed, I spent the least time because I know where I’m going.

“I know what I’m required to come up with and I was able to do my documentation very well. I made the work very easy for the panel. I urge the panel to do a thorough job, so that whoever takes the ticket of the party will not disgrace us.

“I’m going to be the candidate going by my documentation, It is excellent and I’m already there but what is important as a party man is that we must be sure of who we are sending to represent us. Anambra election is too important for us, it is too important for our great party. It is too important for the Southern Nigeria as we go to 2023.

“I tell you I’m going to win the election. My Manifesto is ready. like I told you the other day, I have innovative plan, we can’t do things the same way we have been doing them in Anambra state. If we do so, we will be getting the same results. So, we must innovate, we must move to the next level, we have to build a new height so that we can make the state to emerge victorious again.

“Our allocation from federation accounts keeps reducing because oil is dwendling and we depend on what comes in to run the state, this will make us debtor state, which we are already. We find that in our IGR there’s a lot of corruption in the system and if we don’t innovate the IGR system and expand the net, we can’t get results anywhere.

“That is why my economic and growth plan is comprehensively integrated to grow Anambra State, create wealth, bring stability, change the standard of living of our people, promote entrepreneurship and bring peaceful discipline.”

He, however, said that with him on board as the party flag bearer, the party will win the state, as he knows the weakness of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and All Progressives Congress (APC), adding, “PDP should go and celebrate because I have worked with these people and I know their weaknesses.”

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