By Val Igwebuike

Majority of the Nigerian population is no longer mentally stable. They are either psychotic or partially demented. The social conditions of Nigerians under the present political administration nicknamed ‘Nextlevel Govt’ is only but miserable. As I type this piece, about 90% of Nigerian households are living without electricity. 98% of Nigerian businesses are powered by private individuals, who suffer day and night to provide everything they need to run their businesses, including generated electricity. Yet, these individuals and companies are forced to pay huge amount of money to the government and their agencies for electricity not provided by the government or their unscrupulous agencies. Who has seen this type of government in any country in this digital age?

In the face of all these devastating social conditions, Nigerians are still manipulated to dance to the frivolous narratives of the government. This is a clear evidence that in Nigeria, education is a complete waste. The essence of education in the life of a person is to open their minds to the demands of basic necessities of life, and to develop the spartan will to reject completely the attempt by others to oppress and dominate you.
This critical substance of Sociopolitical enlightenment through sound education is lacking totally in this British contraption called Nigeria.

Nothing is working in Nigeria except political crimes and brazen embezzlement of public funds. The roads in Nigeria are death traps.
Despite, all these intolerable political rascality and bizarre disregard to constitutional rights of Nigerians by the current government, Nigerians are still dangerously attenuated to the extreme recklessness of political office holders to the detriment of their lives and the collective interest of our beleaguered country.

It is beyond sad that Nigerians have lost the strength and willingness to protest against what is ravaging the entire Nigerian societies. How can one explain a situation where an oil producing country like Nigeria can not provide steady electricity to the people? How can a country that waste gas in the name of flaring, fail to utilize the same natural resources to power the social and economic life and businesses of the citizens? Only in a backward country like Nigeria will one see this questionable socioeconomic sacrilege, carefully orchestrated to torment the citizens.

Certainly, in the abundance of water, a fool is always thirsty. Nigerians are good examples and manifestations of this powerful adage. That Nigerians can not come out en masse to demand immediate provision of steady and sustainable electricity by their governments is shocking and unimaginable. That the irresponsibly educated Nigerians and their shameless and effeminate intelligentsia have not seen the inevitability of electricity to an all encompassing national development is hard to believe. It is high time someone told Nigerians that they are the architects of their near irredeemable socioeconomic catastrophe.
If this terribly excruciating pains in the life of Nigerians continue unabated, I am apprehensive Nigeria will as a matter of exigency hit the rock of political extinction.


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