Workflow: The Pinafore Dress Trend in 2019 for You


By Tina Jowah


For all our office fashionistas, let’s take a look at some stylish corporate pinafore dresses for women you can try out.

We love fashion for all the new trends it has to offer and more so, for all the ‘old stuffs’ we can hold on to throughout every fashion season. The pinafore dress fashion, also commonly known as dungaree, is exactly one of those trends that we enjoy for all seasons and it stays ever fresh.

Plus we get to satisfy our nostalgia for our childhood through this timeless piece of fashion. Remember how it was mostly a school girl item especially in this part of the world? Well! We’re ‘adulting’ with it now!

Fashion designers have managed to keep the pinafore dress trend fresh, exciting, stylish and fashionable through texture mix & match, structure, cuts, accessories, lengths, colours and fabrics manipulation, and we certainly love what they’re doing with it.

Fashion influencers are also keeping us on our toes with how they’re stylishly rocking the trend this season. And yes! It’s a big part of 2019’s fashion trends.

You can either dress is up for more corporate/business causal looks or dress it down for a night out in town with the girls or bae. However you choose to slay the pinafore trend, remember to wear it stylish and tasteful keeping in mind what works best for your body type.

How to style the pinafore dress? That’s easy! You can rock it with a turtle neck top (or any other inner top of your choosing), apply small to medium-sized belt to accentuate your waistline, try it out with a skin-tight pant or leggings, feel free to throw on a jacket over it, slay it with a crop top or wear it alone if you’re feeling kinky.


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