And The Crying-Eyes Die Before Our Eyes

BY: Christian Appolos

They were all chatting and suddenly the song began.
Sweetly, the rhythm pierced her poor soul and swiftly
Drove her to contrition; that her smiling face faded away
And was drenched by invisible tears that dropped to her feet.
Drowning deeper into the pit of sadness that has taken hold,
Words dried on her lips, her helpless sad eyes slowly stared
At the faces of her supposed love ones and friends,
Wishing someone could reach out and save her poor soul, 

But all was ‘busy’. Then she melted in deep sorrow.
Her pain burn deeper, that her face was clothed with wrinkles.
Gnashing her teeth, her lips began to shake; and tears rolled down
Through her chick more and more. Thus, silent slowly took her.
And the train keep going, while someone is dying before our eyes.


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